Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dot empire unleashed

Updated: 5-Oct-2014 (Version 5.0)

Dot empire as a game developed to mimic the addictive board game that was usually played by 2players using a math excercise book with rectangle lines. The lines are the backbone of the game itself.

Here is the example picture of the game inside.

Download Link from google play: Dot Empire

Surely you guys have seen this game in the early days. Never seen it? then you must try it or regret it later =0

Dot empire is a board style game similar to othello and reversi yet more challenging in its nature. This will sharpen your mind and also develop ways for critical thinking.

Later on the player vs player module might even has bluetooth support for android phones.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

exoHit Demo Version

Game Description: exoHit is a 2D turn-based shooting game where the objective is to hit your opponent. For demo version, only 1player versus 1computer setting is allowed, and only two out of ten monsters to be chose from.

Requirement: Android OS version 1.5 and above

Download link

Full version will features:
-Ten monsters to choose from - 50% overall
-Up to 6 monsters to battle simultaneously - 100%
-Multiplayer bluetooth (hopefully) - 0%
-Equipment shop - 30%
-Battle league (battle with bosses) - 0%